Happy Weekend

I hope everyone has a good weekend. I will be spending it cleaning my house and doing other things I have been neglecting since I had my wisdom teeth out {I have had no energy before!}.
I wish I could be swimming in the ocean instead.

Here are some things I love or recent finds... enjoy!!

These look like the perfect cookies to break in my new Kitchen Aid!!

Food + Fashion? Sounds interesting.

Some great photoshop actions: think INSTAGRAM .

I love this make-up site. Now if only I could afford half the things they mention on it. 

What I should be doing this weekend... Making my bookshelf look more presentable. 


Ok. So I wouldn't mind this pretty bow blouse under the previous yellow sweater. Love the cream color and 3/4 sleeves. Another addition to my perfect fall collection.

My favorite J.Crew sweater has finally given out. It was the perfect shade of yellow and I loved it. I am sad to see it go... but I may buy this beautiful sweater to make me feel a little better. I love the buttons. Almost as much as I love the rest of her outfit. 


I've been looking for some pretty vintage dresses. This one is just beautiful I love the buttons down the back and the simple silhouette.  I've found a couple neat vintage shops around town, but not a steal like this one. I love it.
{The purse and shoes go perfectly}

There are somedays {I bet everyone has them} where I just am a mess. Everything I do is a mess and every room is a mess.
If only my messes were as glamorous as this.


My mother has beautiful red hair that she likes to dye it blonde. I have no idea why. I think red hair is so gorgeous. I have a hint of red but not as much as I would like. When I was little I used to want hair just like Ariel on "The Little Mermaid" and I would go around with a red wig saying "My name is Ariel" and I refused to answer to anything else. Then when I go older I actually would dye it red, but I am too lazy for the up keep {plus it gets expensive!} 

So for now I can only dream of the perfect Autumn hair. 


This may be perfect for me. 

if it wasn't for the price {ouch}
I inherited a new iphone4 a while back and have been looking for a new case for it. I haven't found anything I love yet... but I think these are pretty cool. Sadly my favorite one is sold out {bottom right}. 
Isn't that just how life is?


I finally have a kitchen I can really buy stuff for. I am so excited to decorate {on a budget of course} 
These two prints are really cool and would fit great in my little kitchen...