Where can I find these glasses... but in a cheaper version?


Love these two Crisscross Boardwalk sandals. I can't decide which one I want more. Probably the blue ones. LOVE!


I want every necklace at J. Crew. Especially these two. ESPECIALLY the bottom on. Love them.


Yeah... so these nails are pretty awesome. I would love hanging something up with them (preferably so they are showing and not behind like a picture or something).


I don't know why... but I am drawn to these outfits. I love the simplicity of them and the muted color (and I usually am all about the bright pop of color). I can even overlook the belt-purse (it wouldn't really be called a fanny-pack would it?) and may even like it a little. In other words... nicely done.


Happy Weekend: Shopping Editon.

With the weather clearing up and Spring slowly peeking it's little fuzzy head out from the frozen ground, I have been on a total shopping spree the last couple weeks. I think I have been just deprived of shopping for so long (the winter and cold just makes me hate everything) and now I finally can get ready to dress like the picture above. (I wish!) Well here are a few things that I have been loving... 

These shoes would be a nice introduction to the spring season.

Just in case I want to carry my books around in something more stylish than a backpack.

This dress reminds me of wallpaper I want in my house someday... would I want to wear it?


Could always use a new pair of sunnies. Vintage Persols?

These jeans are exactly what I have been looking for!

Just bought these in NEON and I love them!! 


I will forever love this movie.

GANT by Michael Bastian



I know I have said this before... Love them.

{David Lauren + Lauren Bush}


I am in love with these engagement pictures. Well actually I don't care if they are engagement pictures. I just like the books and the library setting. I wonder if I can convince my boy to ever do something like this...


Isn't this miniature tire swing adorable? For some reason it makes me really excited for spring and nice weather.


This looks like the most flattering swimsuit ever! I wish it was mine... but most importantly I wish it was summer. This temperamental weather is getting to me.