Happy Weekend: Shopping Editon.

With the weather clearing up and Spring slowly peeking it's little fuzzy head out from the frozen ground, I have been on a total shopping spree the last couple weeks. I think I have been just deprived of shopping for so long (the winter and cold just makes me hate everything) and now I finally can get ready to dress like the picture above. (I wish!) Well here are a few things that I have been loving... 

These shoes would be a nice introduction to the spring season.

Just in case I want to carry my books around in something more stylish than a backpack.

This dress reminds me of wallpaper I want in my house someday... would I want to wear it?


Could always use a new pair of sunnies. Vintage Persols?

These jeans are exactly what I have been looking for!

Just bought these in NEON and I love them!!