Have you seen these?! Aren't these just perfection?! I love them. They are so darling (though I wonder how well the bow will stay in the rain?) Another item added to my wish list. I am pretty sure I would want the blue with yellow... but the red is nice too...


I don't know what happened. I really don't. I was on a spending fast {trying really hard to not spend any money to save up for the Christmas gifts} when I went on Amazon. That was my first mistake. Then I looked at my wish list, second mistake. Then I ended up buying half of the things on it because they were just so darn cheap I couldn't pass it up. I can't decide if I am overjoyed or not. {I have terrible buyer's remorse}. But I sure do love my purchases! 

 {I know the book is random... but I am in need of some new reading material}


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 Who doesn't love M Ward and Zooey Deschanel? The Perfect Duo. Plus its after Thanksgiving. And EVERYONE knows that's when it's officially time to listen to Christmas music. It's my first white Christmas and I am determined to make it the best one.


These nails are awesome. I have been experimenting on my nails {To the dismay of my boy} and while most are an awful mess, I must say I have had a few good runs. Not as awesome as these... but somewhat close.


I can't stop staring at this picture. I am in love with it. I love the dress and I love his suit. I love their hair. I love the styling. I love that it's black and white. Love Love Love.  Laura Bush and David Lauren (Ralph Lauren's son) are my new favorite. My boy keeps looking at my computer and asks why I am staring at this picture so much. It's because I have a crush on it. How can you not?


Happy Weekend

I am trying my hand at creating my own prints. I love the ones that I see in stores once in a while but there is always somthing I would want to change about them. {Plus they are relatively expensive} So here is my very first one. I sorta love it but I know that it needs more work.  Here are some other things that I love this week. 

I am amazed at what make-up can do. This video is pretty impressive.

These rain-boots are darling. Love the exposed zipper.

What a great idea for a present.


I always love a simple black vintage dress.  


I must have this bag! I want it! I need it!! I have been carrying my camera and it's accessories in a big ugly backpack (which is convenient... but no so attractive). And when I go out with Matthew I sometimes just put in in my purse (which is a big no no). But THIS backpack is convenient AND stylish. And that is why I must have it. 



I rarely find a calendar that I like. I usually just end up printing some boring black & white paper one that I tack up somewhere in my house and then never look at again because it is so hideous. But this piece is quite pretty. I think I would even put them somewhere where people can see and maybe all of them at once {instead of just the single month}. It would be a great New Years gift {if anyone does that}


 Right now I avoid looking directly into my entry way. Mostly because I don't have an entry way {except for an inconveniently placed but needed coat closet} I can't wait to have a real entry way and make it inviting and warm {It's really an introduction to your whole house} I really like the second one with the green wallpaper. I would delight in hanging my jacket on that wall. 


Happy Weekend

 This is what I need to be doing this weekend. I have a lot of things to clean up around the house (it's been a busy week!). But other than that I hope I can find more winter clothes! I really have to stock up on those since I have none previously {and I have a feeling we will be living in snowy climates for a while}.

I love mostly everything about this girl and her style.

I need to start practicing wrapping as Christmas is soon approaching.

These shoes certainly caught my attention.

If you are ever looking for a pillow... I think this is the place.

This coat is pretty....  I wonder if it's pretty warm.

What an interesting blog.

This stuff is always good for a rosy complexion.


These are some of my favorite holiday things from Ban.do. I feel like if I wore any of these I would just be a walking party {in a good way} especially the gift-bow one. Gorgeous! 


I saw this for sale on Anthropologie. I fell in love in an instant.
I  would love it even more on my neck.


Aren't these little baby animal faces adorable? I wish I had a babies room to decorate just so I could put these prints up. I love all of them!