I am pretty much obsessed with rose gold watches right now. 

I especially love this one. If only I had the money.
{Well at least I have a semi-decent one from Target.)


FINALLY!! A 3 DAY WEEKEND!! I was hoping to have some exciting plans but seeing the boy has midterms and I have a Spanish class I have yet to finish... it looks like the library it is. Hopefully it turns out to be more exciting than it sounds. (Maybe I'll throw in a Costco trip to spice things up).

Here are somethings of interest I stumbled on this past week... 

I love how other cultures are so unique in how they celebrate a wedding... isn't this fantastic?

Even Anthro is getting into the mood.

For some reason I keep staring at these heels 

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

I think more people should share their wonderful cooking skills

This is so powerful, I hope it really does change people's minds for the better.



The boy and I are on our way to what will hopefully be a relaxing weekend in Vegas.  While Matt has passed through Vegas he has never "officially" been so we are pretty excited. I'm mostly excited to be somewhere that doesn't have snow.  Hopefully it's a good weekend all around and enjoy these little tid-bits of excitement.

I want one of these hanging in my room. (hehe)

If I had an ipad I would probably would make this for it.

I'm so hungry I could eat a...

I really want to make these lights.

What a pretty underwater park.

These look so cute! Present for a future child?

This makes me want to start a coffee mug collection.