Halloween always puts me in such a sweets mood {ok I am usually in a sweets mood}. All these treats look delicious. I want to try making them all!!


This is definitely going in my Halloween idea box. I love these costumes!


See this couch? It would go perfect with my living room. See the rest of the stuff around the couch {and the pictures below)? Those would go perfect with my living room too. That is if I got rid of everything in those rooms and put that couch in it. Basically that couch is perfect and I love it. 


Don't ask me why... but I am obsessed with these legs. Is it like that leg lamp from "A Christmas Story"? I don't know... but I think they are fantastic. I would buy them and sit them right on my kitchen table if I had the money (or wasn't worried that people might try and drag me to the crazy house). Am I wrong to love these?


I can't wait till I have a little more wall space to put up nifty prints like these. I love the North and South American ones, but the California and Oahu definitely hold a place in my heart. I miss both of them, especially now that the weather is turning cold. Where is my perfect 82 degree weather?!


Lovely Weekend

This is one of my favorite pictures. I love how otters hold hands so they don't float away when they are sleeping. Don't their hands just looks so furry and soft? I want to hold one and snuggle with it.

Planning my next vacation here.  SERIOUSLY?! TIGER KINGDOM?!

I love the sincerity of this article. Beautiful. 

Looking for a new liquid eyeliner- maybe I'll try this one.

This ring would look hot on my hand {if only I wore rings}

I really want this Jacket. Why are elbow patches so attractive?

And I'm looking for an attractive AND warm jacket... who thought it would be this hard?!


Reading by Candlelight

 I would love to sit down late at night and pull out a good book to read by this candle. Wouldn't that be so sweet. I wonder if it really smells like "The Times".