House Plants

Moving from Hawaii, I have been dying to increase the green around my life {and to prepare for the snowy winter where green vanishes}. The sad part is I know absolutely nothing about plants {and I am not a huge fan of fake greens}. Luckily someone out there does know about house plants and they have made it easy for me to understand... now I have to decide which ones...

No soil required! They thrive in direct sunlight with a once a week misting.

A rabbit's foot fern is one of the easiest ferns to keep inside. They need indirect light and twice weekly waterings.

Pretty plant -- it also sends out the most darling little baby plants! Likes medium to bright light and the top of the soil should dry out slightly between waterings, so keep an eye on it.

This tried-and-true houseplant sometimes gets maligned as boring. I love the huge ones, though; if you cut off an extra leaf, it'll keep in a vase for a month! They like indirect light and once a week waterings.

With really pretty patterned foliage, a prayer plant does well with indirect sunlight and twice a week watering.

They take a little more care and dedication, but they're so gorgeous you have to try. They thrive in indirect light and the top of the soil should dry out slightly between waterings. (Repeated overwaterings is just as bad as underwaterings with these guys.)

The Dr. Seuss of houseplants, Ponytail Palms are virtually indestructible. Happiest in a sunny spot with once a week watering.

Low maintenance, if you have a very sunny spot inside. Water once a week and ignore.